What we do

Based on the keyword strategy, persona documentation, and the business and digital marketing goals shared with us, we create a content calendar for a quarter. This calendar is mapped to customer personas and the buying stage (Awareness, Consideration, Decision). The calendar will also have ideas for pillar pages. We use world-class tools to identify stories in the domain that have done well, and the gaps left in addressing the information needs of the persona.

How we do it

  • Understand the business, personas and the website goals
  • Use tools to find stories doing well in the topics relevant to the client
  • Use the keyword strategy to build out the content calendar
  • Identify stories that will cover each buying stage: Awareness, Consideration and Decision making
  • Work out a pillar page and its branch topics
  • List out LSI keywords for each story

What we need from you

  • URL of website
  • Briefing about business
  • Personas being targeted
  • Competitors


Tools used

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Tools used

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Time taken to deliver deck

4 days

Amplify Content Performance while reducing Resources

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