Our Audit uncovers

  • The types of content available, and their performance (via web analytics, and other tools)
  • The relevance of content for personas being targeted
  • The usage of keywords
  • How the buyer journey is addressed
  • A user’s experience in consuming the content
  • How calls to action have been implemented
  • Recommendations on how issues uncovered can be addressed

How we do it

  • Once we understand the persona, we map the content against the PInKBeXA framework [Persona, Info need, Keywords, Buying stage, (consumption) Experience, Call to Action]
  • Qualitative checks on style and voice
  • Look at best performing content, and look at more data to figure out relevance to business goals
  • Any other insights on content consumption from analytics

What we need from you

  • URL of website
  • Briefing about the business, and goals
  • Personas being targeted
  • Access to analytics


Tools used

Web Analytics

hourglass (1).png

Time taken to deliver deck

4 days after briefing

Amplify Content Performance while reducing Resources

Outsource Content Promotion