This audit covers

  • UI audit
  • Content and User Journey audit
  • SEO audit
  • Website performance
  • Email marketing audit: Overview of campaigns, adherence to best practices
  • Social media marketing audit: Reach, engagement, conversions and traffic to website
  • Ad performance: Audit of all paid promotions across channels, and comparisons with industry benchmarks, and recommendations for improvement
  • Marketing automation system audit: Is the system being used to its full potential?

How we do it

  • UI audit, Content and User Journey audit, SEO audit and Email Campaign audits, Social media marketing audit, Ad performance audit
  • Review analytics to get an understanding of how well does the website perform in terms of engagement and conversion of leads
  • How has each channel worked towards the achievement of goals
  • Are there any issues with the way technology/tools are implemented wrt to getting the right data?
  • Is the marketing automation platform being used in the right way to yield results expected?

What we need from you

  • URL of website
  • Briefing about the business, and goals
  • Personas being targeted
  • List of 5 competitors
  • Access to analytics


Timeline : 3 Weeks

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