Our Audit

  • Studies the target audience
  • Reviews the website on desktop and mobile devices
  • Looks at conversion elements, and gives recommendations
  • Tests existing user journeys for conversion elements
  • Summarizes the recommendations on how the issues can be addressed

How we do it

  • Understand the business, personas and the website goals
  • Study the web analytics to get a detailed view of what’s happening on the website, over time
  • List out conversion journeys
  • Test the website across devices for the conversion journeys identified
  • Review the website wrt best practices of Inbound marketing

What we need from you

  • URL of website
  • Access to analytics (yes, we sign NDAs)
  • Goals of the website
  • Personas being targeted

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Time taken to deliver deck

3 days after briefing

Amplify Content Performance while reducing Resources

Outsource Content Promotion