Make meaning of the data generated by your web properties and existing campaigns to increase the effectiveness of your future campaigns.

You have reporting tools, but those are only going tell you the data against certain metrics. What about making meaning of that data? Companies are always in the quest of insights. Every business owner is struggling to get to informed decision making. It takes a lot of effort and expertise to analyze data to help drive strategic decisions. That’s where Knowiz can help you. We have expertise in:
Diving deep into Google Analytics and other analytics tools to help you get user insights
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Comparing and analyzing data for campaigns running on different channels and measuring their effectiveness
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Leveraging other analytics tools to gain insights into user journeys
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Preparing reports which are easy to understand

Our Process

Knowiz has experience in tracking performances and getting intelligent insights from the marketing campaigns. We bring that expertise to the table when agencies want to optimize inbound strategies for their clients based on data understanding.

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